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After Hours Advice

After Hours Advice

Tan and Tan Lawyers have seen the need for a service that helps clients who do not have time to see a lawyer during office hours.

Are you one of these potential clients?

Do you find it difficult to take time off from work during office hours to see your lawyer?

Well, Tan and Tan Lawyers believe there is a gap in such a service that cannot be accessed in Western Australia.

We may be the first in Perth WA to provide an after hours service for your important legal questions that you just cannot organise a meeting to discuss during office hours.

Please email us to arrange a time after hours to discuss your legal issues.

We will arrange for one of our lawyers to meet with you after hours to discuss your legal issue.

Go on, give us a try after you have logged off work and see how we have changed the legal industry service standard.

If we are unable to assist you with our free email legal advice service because your matter is too complicated, then we suggest a 60 minute consult at our offices.

There is a nominal charge of $280/1hr for an after hours meeting.