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Why Choose Tan & Tan Lawyers

Practical Legal Advice

Practical legal advice that will not break your bank account!

This powerful principle has guided Tan & Tan Lawyers since its inception over nearly 3 decades ago. One of the oldest Asian law firms in Perth, we offer our unique, multilingual law services in Western Australian and internationally. Tan & Tan Lawyers understands that people want superior value, so we provide it! Our clients pay less while receiving higher quality services than those that many of our competitors are able to offer.

Reliable local and international legal service

Tan & Tan Lawyers provide a wealth of legal services to our clients in Western Australia and worldwide. We’re big enough to handle the most complex local and international cases and, at the same time, small enough to care about our clients’ daily needs. You come first!

We Give You More For Your Money

Our unique business model ensures that you receive the world-class legal services that you need at the affordable price you deserve. How? Teamwork! This is what fuels the effectiveness and efficiency of the work we do for you. Each and every aspect of the case is meticulously assembled, tested and deployed by our senior lawyers who, collectively, have extensive experience in virtually all areas of the law. Additionally the knowledge and energy of our junior lawyers provides essential support to each project too. In fact, not only do they add real value to each case, but by using them as part of the team we can reduce the fees for you.

The Law in Black and White and The Yellow in Between

An Asian Lawyer’s Experience of The Law in a Western World

by Raymond Tan

An Aussie’s legal handbook- A simple guide to Australian law to protect yourself and your family while saving your money.

The book discusses ways to deal with issues of law that anybody could face in Australia. Being an Asian lawyer, Raymond Tan gives an Asian perspective to the laws in a Western world, which is refreshing.


Often, by the time you see a lawyer for advice, it is already too late. This book is intended to clear up some of the mysteries that a layperson may have about the laws and how it applies to them.

You will find information about issues like estate planning, family and migration law issues. Be entertained by Raymond with his legal anecdotes while learning about Australian law. An Asian lawyer practicing law in Australia for over 29 years, Raymond believes that it is an honour to protect the legal interests of his clients. Raymond is based in Perth, Western Australia and, his Tan and Tan Lawyers offices are at 6/78 Terrace Rd, East Perth WA. Raymond became the first Asian Public Notary in Western Australia on 19 December 2003. Raymond’s favourite charity is helping the homeless. He has participated in the St Vinnies CEO Sleep-out for 10 years. This is an event where Raymond sleeps out for a night as a homeless person to raise funds for the homeless. He is also a keen golfer and badminton player. Raymond is also a keen blogger. His law blog is called The Perth Asian Lawyer.

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Buy at Tan and Tan Lawyers for $22 inclusive of postage and get an autographed copy from Raymond WH Tan.

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