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2019 CEO Sleepout

2019 CEO Sleepout

Dear friends

I will be taking part for the 10th year in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

It has been a challenge and an eye opening experience.

I recently read in the papers about the homeless being asked to move from the entrance of David Jones every morning in Perth.

The homeless problem continues and actually is growing. That is why I have committed to taking part again this year for the 10th year.

The most heartwarming feeling is knowing friends and clients who have supported me all these years continue to support me and the CEO Sleepout.

If you are able to, please support me, the Homeless Lawyer at

I have raised $10,646 so far. I have a target of $35,000 to beat the amount I raised last year which was $34,124.

It is cold. You can feel it. How do you think the homeless feel it as it gets colder every day.

I was very glad to receive a big donation from Andrew Khoo, the Chairman of MUI Global in Malaysia. They own Laura Ashley. Andrew is the son of Tan Sri Khoo, the previous Chairman of Mui Global ,who has supported me all these years as a Homeless Lawyer. It is so heartwarming to know that the charitable soul carries on from generation to generation.

This morning, I was also very proud to receive an even bigger donation from my client Dr Ho from Singapore. God bless you Dr Ho.

Please look into your heart and wallet to see if you can help the homeless.