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Surviving my 4th CEO Sleepout

Surviving my 4th CEO Sleepout

Dear friends and readers

I am back at work now after surviving a cold night at the WACA for my 4th CEO Sleepout.

It has been a successful fundraising event, highlighting the plight of the homeless and how, we as ordinary Australians can help these unfortunate people.

WA had 108 CEOs participating. WA has raised a total of $1,097,610.

Australia wide, we have raised over $3 million.

I managed to raise $21,240 and was ranked 10th last night. Andrew Forrest from the Australian Children Trust has topped up any amount raised above $20,000 with a further $10,000.

My total funds raised is therefore $31,240 which is higher than the $25,000 target I set myself.

I was pleased that out of over 1110 CEOS Australia wide, I might have been ranked in the top 20.

It was hard work getting the funds in but not as hard as sleeping homeless last night.

I wonder how the homeless do it every night.

The night started with my usual lamb shanks and wine. This was enjoyed at Bravos in Victoria Park. However Annie and Tyzton could not join me as they were at badminton.  I had dinner just with my older son Jazton.

Lamb shanks at Bravos and a mandatory glass of wine.

After arriving at the WACA, I made the rounds chatting to the other CEOs. For some reason , by 8 pm I was hungry again as it was so cold.

Also, this year, there were no scarves given away by Vinnies. Maybe , they are trying to make the event more realistic. Luckily Mark Fitzpatrick gave a spare 1 that he had in his car to me. Mark is the CEO of St Vinnies.

I had some soup and a roll and that must have helped me through the night.

We listened to the real life sad stories narrated by a few of the victims of homelessness including a mother with 6 kids.

It was heart rending.

At the end of the official event, all the CEOs walked to their selected sleeping spots.

Ming from WEKYSO was attending his first Sleepout after being harassed by me to take part. We went looking for my usual spot. Unfortunately when we got there, it was already occupied by a lady CEO. What a trespasser 🙂

Ming and I then went looking for another spot. We found the cricket player’s room that had been left unlocked. The room was warm, carpeted and had power sockets, 2 televisions and even built in toilets.

We decided that it was not politically correct to use the rooms.

We then decided to sleep in the hall way.

We laid our sleeping bags on the floor and I must say, this year the back seems less forgiving on the cold concrete floor.

Funny how a small comfort can make such a big difference for the night

Happy Ming with his makeshift mattress

Me, not enjoying the cold floor

We scouted around and found some canvass advertising barriers which I thought if put together may make a nice mattress.

The idea worked and Ming and I quickly formed makeshift mattresses.

Yes, the night was looking much better.

Ming looking forlorn

By the time we settled down it was close to 130 am. After chatting for a while, Ming fell asleep and started snoring. The snoring of other participants sleeping in the area became more and more pronounced through the night.

The cold wind started blowing through the doorway and it became near impossible to fall asleep. I guess the 2 cups of coffee I had did not help.

I must have stayed up all night trying to sleep. Luckily I had my iphone and my music.

I must have gone in and out of sleep till 6 am before getting up and going for breakfast with Ming.

Breakfast was a quick affair while checking up on how the other CEOs fared through the night.

The morning after, the worse for wear

We said goodbye and returned home after being thanked by the St Vinnie’s Trustee.

I managed to catch up on a couple of hrs sleep before going to work as usual. That is the end of the Sleepout for the year.

Yes, I will go through that all over again next year.

Cannot wait to get back to bed tonight. My warm and soft bed.

Raymond Tan