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Australian Day Weekend and Australian Open Tennis

Australian Day Weekend and Australian Open Tennis

What a great Australia Day. The weather was perfect.

Did not manage to see the fireworks but enjoyed the day anyway.

Kids have gone crazy about tennis and have been forcing me up early so they can play.

Their holidays are nearly over and I must say I am glad. It’s not easy entertaining kids nowadays.

I can feel my body cracking under the stress of keeping up with their sporting activities.

Have not spent any time thinking or working on the law during the last few days as I decided to really enjoy the long weekend.

Come Tuesday, I will need to buckle down on the office systems that I have been trying to finalise.

Running and managing a practice compared to just working as a lawyer are 2 totally different experience.

I enjoy the practice of law, in that we are able to help our clients. However, I enjoy more, the fruits of my hard work in running a legal practice.

At the end of the day, it is people management as far as staffing is concerned and the management of client’s expectation.

Better enjoy the rest of my long week end. Promise to say abit of some of the interesting cases I have dealt with when I return.