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The 2016 CEO Sleepout

The 2016 CEO Sleepout

Dear friends

Shen in his sleeping spot

The view from the 4th floor

Soup kitchen

Shen, Sean Shwe and Ray Tan

4 Amigos who have slept out for 7 years in a row. Shane Ball, Ray Tan, Barry Felstead and Bob Bollen

It was a tough night last night.

Representing the Asian community were Shen Sheng of Mozart Patisserie and I, with new comer Sean Shwe.

The evening started out  as a warm night.

We had soup and bread rolls to sustain us.

After listening to some inspiring stories of homelessness and how Vinnies help to overcome the problem, Shen and I started looking for a place to sleep.

We managed to find the doors open to the media rooms on the 4th floor of the WACA.

There were soft leather sofas in the room and lush toilets.  However, we felt it was not in the right spirit of the Sleepout to use the rooms.

We decided to camp outside the rooms in the open with views to the cricket grounds.

I woke up at 3 am, 4 am and 5 am as it got increasingly cold. Got up at 6 am for breakfast with Shen at the Willow room before returning home to my warm bed.

It was yet, again a reminder of how tough the homeless have as a daily life. I will sleep out again next year and hope that all of you continue to support me.

This year I raised $32,420 which is just slightly below what I raised last year. Many CEOs commented that it was harder to get donations because of the weak economy.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to the following persons.

There were several anonymous sponsors who I am unable to personally thank or acknowledge.

  1. The “anonymous” sponsor for $3000
  2. The Pua Brothers who have supported me every year
  3. Tan Sri Khoo from MUI in Malaysia
  4. Sally Cen from YingCo Resources
  5. Patti Chong from Patti Chong Lawyers. I have yet to persuade Patti to join me as a homeless lawyer.
  6. Harris Khor from Hush Puppies
  7. Pierre Yang who is also looking at getting into parliament
  8. My sister Serene
  9. Lawrence Tay
  10. My niece Elizabeth Tan
  11. Tom Wang
  12. Ben Pan
  13. Steven Pynt
  14. Esther Chang an old friend
  15. Ardy and Ginny my badminton friends
  16. Jackson Ngo a good client
  17. Stuart Reeves who has seen tough times himself
  18. Henry Moser who was the first to sponsor me this year. Good on him.
  19. Daniel Bahk another good client
  20. Tommy Sim my nephew in law
  21. Allan Rodrigues my dentist.
  22. Patrick Liau who owns Como Windsor Hotel
  23. The Rocks Church and Pastor Daniel who have supported me every year. I am trying to get Daniel to take part next year.
  24. David Meese, my old client, not in age though.
  25. Vaughn Emery another old friend.
  26. Gerhard Coetzee the owner of several Coffee Club cafes yet again this year. Thanks Gerhard.
  27. Grace Kwa
  28. Amanda Dorn the owner of Urban Residential. She has been persuaded by myself to take part in the event and is doing well in her own fund raising.
  29. Joy Savage with her usual smile.
  30. Kiat, my old friend in Christmas Island.
  31. Lindsay Glenn a fellow lawyer.
  32. Freddie Chew, all the way from Malaysia.
  33. Good badminton buddy Corina
  34. Stevie Teo again this year. Times are tough for him but he still supports the cause. Good on him.
  35. Yew Mun Wong
  36. Angelia Khoo again this year.
  37. Theresa Kwok who again has supported me every year.
  38. My good friend Patsy who keeps encouraging me to do good.
  39. The Miles who donated without revealing their names. It took some great detective work to find them.  They support me every year.
  40. Datin Gertie from Malaysia. I will get her to take part next year.
  41. Jiten who supports me every year.
  42. Paula Garnham my financial planner who makes sure I am homeless only for 1 night.  Thanks again this year.
  43. Andre Lim, a new client and supporter.
  44. Brian Lee , who is a new about to be tycoon.
  45. Joanne Tan , my real estate agent.
  46. Peter Foster Bunch.
  47.  Aaron Siew. I wish he could deliver some of his chicken rice to me that night I sleep out.
  48. Lisa Tai for supporting me again this year. Thanks and I hope you return to Perth.
  49. Sanjay my mortgage broker friend from Onsight Finance
  50. Jimmy Kho my golfing friend.
  51. Alan Yeo from AMS.
  52. Jasmyn and Peter Wright my neighbours who own RE 88. Peter has agreed to take part next year. I will hold him to it.
  53.  Kee Yee Yong my old friend.
  54. Udom Thanissorn who lives in Thailand but who still supports me.
  55. The Shims who have supported me nearly every year.
  56. Retired Honourable Justice Julienne Penny who is supporting me yet again this year.
  57. Rosalyn Seow my Buddhist friend.
  58. Susan Zhang who sponsored me anonymously. Yes, I found out it was you Susan.
  59. Siew Si, another old friend.
  60. Michael Tan
  61. Frank Liang of Canning Vale Market Seafood for his very very generous donation.
  62. My niece Deb.
  63. Nora Callaghan, a new client.
  64. Denning Chong from James Chong Lawyers who supports me generously every year.
  65. Grant Hoy Poy who also helps every year.
  66. Minnie Seth, an old friend.
  67. Steve Farano from SRF Earth Moving who usually takes part too but cannot because of his young kids now.
  68. Irwan Lee from Corniche Homes who I challenge to take part next year.
  69. Katherine and Tony who also support me yearly.
  70. Roy Lim from RayRockets
  71. Mark Horwood from Captivate On Hold. I have challenged him to take part next year.
  72. Kevin De Sousa my fellow lawyer friend
  73. Janet Cheng, another old friend
  74. Sok Teoh, my badminton friend
  75. George Boladian from Charcos.
  76. Yuli Zheng, my son’s badminton coach
  77. Di Zhang from Intlang
  78. Wai and Paul Kong, my son’s other badminton coach.
  79. Brendan Glynn from Progolfme
  80. Ming from WEKYSO
  81. Ben Leitch from Narrow Lot Homes
  82. Homer from Airflite. I am trying to persuade him to next year.

Till I sleep out again next year. Stay safe every one.