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The end of year office party

The end of year office party

Dear friends

It has become a tradition for the office to have an end of year semi sporting affair. Last year we had a paintball shootout. A few of the staff still remember their bruises.

This year it was up to Melanie and Meliana to organise the end of year affair.

They decided on The Running Man. Apparently this is a Korean reality TV show where the contestant pit their strength and brains against each other in a team.

The day started with the office being split into green and red teams.

The first game was dodgeball in the park. I was in the red team and we managed a quick 3 sets win against the green team.

We then broke for lunch before going back to the park for a game of tearing each player’s name tags from the backs of  the other player. The boys had a go first and the players put on a good fight to stop their tags from being snatched.

Victor was attacked by 3 players but kept his tag.

The next game was between the girls. They had 4 players to a team. Flora who is Junior’s partner was in the green team. She had appeared quite shy at the beginning. Junior provides our office IT support and is part of the Tan and Tan team.

When the game started, we saw a different side of the girls on the office. They were going limb for limb with no one holding back. Flora was all aggro to my surprise. Even Annie got into the act aggresively.

The boys joked that we should set the girls on our bad debtors to show how serious they are.

The next game was a contest on how many songs we could sing based on categories suggested by Mel and Mel. It was good to see the team bond.

The day ended with dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Ascot.

It was great to see the team bond. I thanked everyone for their great work during the year.

I am sure they will all continue to excel next year.

The question is what are we going to do next year to celebrate. Bungy jumping maybe?