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Volunteering at the Shopfront

Volunteering at the Shopfront

Dear readers

Spent another interesting night volunteering at the Shopfront at Maylands.

We nearly could not open shop as there was only me, Brian and Jeannette at the soup kitchen and the safety protocol requires at least 4 persons to open up to receive the homeless.

Luckily 3 more volunteers came in at 6.05 pm.

Jeannette is to be complimented for her volunteering work. She is Irish I believe and has been helping at the Shopfront for over 6 years.

She was the guiding light in the kitchen giving me directions.

We had over 60 visitors today asking for more and more toasties and soup.

The gratifying part is when some of the people we help come and say thank you and good night. Some are demanding expecting charity as their right. Most are aware of their situation and thankful for the soup kitchen.

One actually wrote a poem for the volunteers and I will publish it here,

When I got home my youngest son asked me if I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. Yes, I did, it is good to be able to help the less fortunate. In our world of privilege, it is good to give back.

Good night.