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What to do before you put in an offer to buy a business

What to do before you put in an offer to buy a business

Dear Readers

I have been writing in my blog about going into business. There are so many potholes you can step into if you are not careful. Tan and Tan Lawyers have been advising clients on their business purchases for many years.

My greatest joy is seeing a client who is about to go from being employed to being self employed. I love coaching them in the right way to buy a business and what to look out for.

I had a chance to make a podcast with my business coach, Jeff Miles yesterday. Yes, I have had a business coach for the last 2 years and it has helped me improve my business tenfolds.

Reading books like E-Myth Revisited also helps.

Some of the issues raised include:

(a) what terms and conditions to include in your offer.
(b) what is the due diligence process.
(c) what can go wrong if the offer is not drafted properly.

Do send me an email if you have any questions.

Remember , at Tan and Tan Lawyers, we protect your interest and save you money.