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Today, the 26 Feb 2008 I was finally beaten by one of my boys at sports.

A father brings up his child knowing one day , that child will hopefully excel the father in all the father has done. Especially in sports, the father of the child first teaches the child for eg. to swim as a baby. Then the baby grows up and suddenly one day the baby becomes a young boy. The young boy today beat his old man at swimming.

The boy who beat me today was my youngest son Tyzton. He was never easy to teach. Always argumentative and temperamental. Being 2 years younger than his older brother, he was always trying to catch up on motor and sporting skills and comparing himself to Jazton his older brother.

It was a hot day today. When I came back from the office Tyzton kept bugging me to bring him swimming.

I was too lazy as it had been a long day. However Tyzton as always was persistent, which is one trait I always loved about him although it was always a test as to who could wear whom down.

He told me he would swim 10 laps with me?

10 laps? why, in all the times he went to the pool with me, he just wanted to fool around. I have seen him swim a lap at most but it was always after great persuasion.

I decided to humour Tyzton and bring him to the pool. I told him, if he decided after 1 lap that he did not want to swim any more, I would be disappointed.

So there we were, at the Wesley School pool.

At 9 yrs of age, he is a slight figure but muscular for his age. We jumped into the cool water after the hot day.

It was refreshing. I decided to use flippers as I am not a great swimmer. I did 2 laps freestyle and was surprised to see him finishing the laps behind me. And that was without him using flippers.

So I took out my flippers and told him we would swim a lap using breast stroke. We set off and guess what, he kept up with me. I had never seen him swim that well before.

I told Tyzton we would do a lap of free style. It was a real awakening. The moment when you realise your child has grown and learned all you have taught him. The moment you realise that not only has your child learned what he has been taught, he is now doing better than his teacher and father.

He beat me fair and square. And try as I may the next 7 laps, I could not beat him.

The feeling of pride in my youngest son was just so difficult to measure.

As I said earlier, I love sports. I have taught my 2 boys badminton, golf, swimming, tennis, cycling and anything sporty.

Today, I was beaten by my youngest son at swimming. It was a proud moment for me. My son has grown up.

What has that got to do with the law? Nothing, except that perhaps one day, my sons will take over the practice and bring Tan and Tan Lawyers to even greater prominence.

To my son Tyzton, if you read this blog, you will know how proud your dad is today.