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Christmas Celebrations for the office

Christmas Celebrations for the office

Dear friends and readers

It has been an interesting last few days before the office closes for the year.

2012 has been a good year for the practice with all the lawyers and admin staff knuckling down to improve their key performance indicators.

We started with a final year dinner at Kardinya. There was a lively Secret Santa exchange of gifts by auction.

We were joined at the dinner by Jeff Miles my business coach.

The talk for the night was about the paintball action that was to take place on Friday 21 Dec 2012 at Byford.

The staff and supporting families had been divided into 2 groups. I was the General appointed for Group A and Brian Nugawela, our friendly counsel was nominated as General for Group B.

Brian started his war campaign by sending  text messages to the players in my group as part of his  psychological warfare.  He was either trying to scare the players in my team or attempting to bribe them.

The dinner ended early so that everyone could prepare for the paintball warfare.

My team did well with us getting the territorial flag twice. It was a hot day and everyone suffered thru the heat but continued to give their fighting best.

Adele, Jazton’s girlfriend did well getting the flag for the team despite all odds.

Casualties have been high. I was shot in the face 3 times bringing me to appreciate what war must be like for soldiers. I was also shot in the back 3 times and wonder if it was friendly fire.

Many of us are nursing our bruises. Yes, paintball does leave bruises. We were given the choice of doing a corporate Bollywood dance training or paintball. I chose paintball as I have always wanted to do it. This is the first and last time for me.

I was reminded of last year’s party.

We had a mock trial with Brian presiding as the Judge while Santa (me) and Pikachu (Wee Chong) were accused of a crime. The rest of the staff acted as witnesses or lawyers.  I never managed to upload the photos and am doing it now.

It was definitely safer and more sedentary. Have a great year next year.