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The New Year and getting access to the Westralian facilities

The New Year and getting access to the Westralian facilities

Dear readers and friends.

Welcome to the new year. I wish every one the best for the new year. Tan and Tan Lawyers are in the process of creating marketing materials to promote the services of the practice.

One of the posters being created has the proverb ” Do not wait until you are thirsty to dig a well”.

This proverb has resonated with my life and my legal practice. It is akin to one of the best books I have read called “Who moved my cheese?”

What is the point being made? You have to move with the times and adapt. If you do not, your business will die. Think about Kodak, the Pager machine, Filofax, the fax machine etc.

Another poster has a Taoist proverb that reads ” Just remember, if you should grab something, grab it, if you should let go, let go”. That was for a family law poster.

However I applied that to a personal situation. When I bought my office which was part of the Westralian complex of apartments, I was told by the council of owners that I could not use the facilities in the complex. The facilities included swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms etc.  This was despite  having to pay full rates for my strata levies.

I knew it was totally unfair and I commenced an action in the State Administrative Tribunal to clarify my rights under the Strata Titles Act. Well, after fighting my neighbours for over 1 and 1/2 years, the matter has settled with my family and I getting access to the facilities.

It is a classic case of fighting or letting go. If you believe you have the right, you just might have to fight for that right.

I will upload photos of the facilities I was fighting for.

If you have a Strata issue, do drop me a line to see if Tan and Tan Lawyers can help. Good night.