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Holiday in Japan

Holiday in Japan

Yes, I have been away from work and my blog. The family spent some time in Japan last week. It was a great holiday. Tokyo is awesome. The crowds in the street are amazing when you compare Perth WA.

I took a 6 day tour organised from Singapore. I actually met a couple of guys who were from my secondary school, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School. It was uncanny. Here’s to Choy and Loo. It was great meeting up and talking about our alma mater.

I also met a couple of business prospects in Japan regarding trade mark applications.

Midori was most helpful. I also enjoyed talking to Mr Yajima and Mr Yuhara. They are the typical Japanese mid level management staff. Their outlook on Japanese life was most interesting.

Pictures of Midori, Mr Yajima and Mr Yuhara are here.

It was good discussing the different aspects of life experienced by the Japanese as compared to Australians.

What was most amazing was the food that you can taste in Japan. Each train stop usually leads to a Japanese supermarket which has several levels of food stalls which are frequented by commuters. These commuters logically do not have time to cook a meal and hence resort to takeaways. The only thing is that their takeaways are art compared to ours. Have a look at the picture and video of a typical stall.

The history and culture of the Japanese can only be rivaled by the Chinese. There are temples which are 2000 years old.

The gardens are the most impressive I have seen in my travels. I have added some pictures of the gardens as they are so beautiful.

However having said all that, it was good to return to Australia which is my home. There is nothing like the warmth of your own bed.

So until my next break, here’s back to work.