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My eldest son turning 18 years of age

My eldest son turning 18 years of age

Dear friends and readers

It has been quite a while since I blogged on my Perth Asian Lawyer website. I have been blogging more on the Under 17s Badminton State team and the Aus Chinese Golf Association blog.

Today, or is it tonight or this early morning as it is 15 May 2014 at 1.20 am. I am sitting with my eldest son Jazton Tan who just turned 18 years of age 1 hr ago.

We are sharing alcoholic drinks as he is finally able to have a drink with his old man.

We started off with Bacardi and Coke. He did not really like the taste.

We are now having a glass of Kahlua and ice. He does seem impartial to the drink.

I am glad he is not that interested in alcohol.

We are having a birthday dinner tomorrow.

What have I got to say to my 18 year old son?

That he has given me so much joy from the day he was born. That I often laugh with him as we are so similar.

That I enjoy the times we both walk together on the golf course, irregardless of the scores we are hitting although he usually beats me now. Just like when he first beat me at badminton and then golf.

That is enough to make a dad proud.

To my son Jazton, I love you. However, the car that you dream of may not be the car you will get.

From dad.