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My son Tyzton and his bald head in honour of his grandmother who passed away on 14 Jan 2012 from cancer

My son Tyzton and his bald head in honour of his grandmother who passed away on 14 Jan 2012 from cancer

Dear friends and readers,

My son Tyzton was very close to his maternal granny. He was her favourite and she was missed very much by Tyzton. In honour of her passing, Tyzton decided to participate in this year’s World’s Greatest Shave which raises funds for blood cancer.

I was pleased that he wanted to take part and gave him full encouragement.

Here is an email I sent to friends and clients who generously supported him.

Dear friends and clients,

As some of you are aware, my son Tyzton is taking part in the  World’s Greatest Shave. This is in honour of his grandmother who passed away on 14 Jan this year after a long fight with cancer.

Please see  his before and after pictures which are attached.

His head was shaved at   920 am       today.

Thank you to all my friends and clients who have already donated for this good cause.

He had raised $1866 up till the midnight of 14 Jan 2012. I have matched the donation as I promised him when I first found out he was participating in the event. His total is now $3552 on the day before the shave.

For those who have yet to donate, please go to


Just donate under the name Tyzton Tan.

This was my message to him last night before his shave.

My Dearest Younger son,

Tomorrow, your head will be just like the 1st month of your birth when according to Chinese tradition it was shaved bald. Daddy is proud that you are willing to sacrifice all your locks for a good cause and in memory of your grandma who passed away on 14 Jan 2012 after a long battle with cancer. She would have been so proud of you.

Daddy said I would match what you raise when your target was $500. It has jumped to nearly $2000 much to the pained expression in my face every time the figure went up. However it is a good cause and you should be proud of what you have done and what you will do tomorrow. Mummy and Daddy will be there tomorrow when you lose your hair as we always support and love you. Good luck and well done.

The girl badminton players at the National championship will have to watch out for Speedy Baldy next month.

Yes, the family will be going to Tasmania next month for my 2 boys to compete in the National Under 17s Badminton championship.

Tyzton will feel the chill in Tassie without his trademark locks.

I am sure many of the girl players will like to feel his bald head, so that is a consolation.

So what has all these got to do with the law.

I think that lawyers should contribute to society more often than less often. Fundraising for a good cause is always a good start.

If we instill such character in our children and our colleagues, the world will I hope be a better place.

My favourite charity is still the St Vincent De Paul Society CEO Sleepout where we raise funds for the homeless by sleeping as a homeless person for a night.

I am in the process of setting up a foundation for the Edie and Royce Hoy Poy Family. Edie who was a very influential person within the Asian community in Perth passed away last year. She bequested half of her estate for the purpose of setting up a foundation to provide services for Aged care in WA.  I will keep all updated on the work the trustees are doing to make sure that her bequest is benefited  by the old folks of WA for whom Edie had a special place in her heart.

Good night.