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Taking part in the CEO Sleepout again

Taking part in the CEO Sleepout again

Dear friends and readers,

Yes, the time has come again for me to take part in the St Vincent De Paul Society CEO Sleepout. This is where CEOs of companies sleep out at the WACA to experience homelessness.

This is my 3rd year of sleeping rough and raising funds for the homeless in Perth. The event is on 21 June and promises to be a cold night.

Last year, I raised over $18,000 and was ranked 4th out of over 90 CEOs. This year has been a slow start and infact WA seems to be lagging behind in donations received compared to the other states.

For those who wish to donate, please see http://www.ceosleepout.org.au/ceos/wa-ceos/profile/?ceo=283

Just take out your credit card and make the donation. You will feel warm and fuzzy after.

At the last Census, 104,700 Australians were counted as homeless (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006) with 50,256 Australian’s on the street, every night. The growing incidence of homelessness has not been accompanied by an increase in services to meet demand. While Vinnies operates a wide range of homeless services across the country, many areas remain without specialist homeless and housing services to support the needs of people experiencing disadvantage.

WA is a booming state, but the gulf between the have and the have not is growing bigger. Dig into your pockets if you can help. It is tax deductible.

Good night.