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Sleeping as a homeless person again this year

Sleeping as a homeless person again this year

There has been lots of changes recently. The staff has been restructured to increase productivity.

I am moving part of the practice to Morley together with an accounting firm. This is to allow me to market to the Vietnamese community as the accountant is Vietnamese. I see a great potential with this alliance.

On the sports front, I recently won my first badminton trophy as a C division Mixed doubles player with my partner Jenny. The price of winning was a torn hamstring which I am still nursing. I think I have a a good chance to win a B division mixed doubles as long as my hamstring has healed.

On the personal front, I have celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary. It was a strange one. On the eve of the anniversary, my wife’s handbag and purse was stolen from my house. This was because my mother in law ( she suffers from dementia) had left all the doors open while watering the garden. The thief just walked in and took my wife’s bag and wallet.

That resulted in me having to cancel all our credit cards. That becomes a problem when you have to pay for an anniversary dinner. Luckily I managed to get into a client’s Korean restaurant for dinner. Luckily the handbag was found and returned.

However, that still leaves us with the experience of having been burgled while we were at home. Not a good feeling. Anyway, I will keep you updated re Morley.

Coming back to the issue of sleeping as a homeless person. I raised $7000 in a time frame of 4 weeks last year. I am looking at raising at least $20,000 this year in my attempt to help the homeless. This is a growing problem in Perth and other parts of Australia.