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Vinnies are great at helping the homeless

Vinnies are great at helping the homeless

Dear friends


Thank you to all who have dug into their pockets for the homeless during these pandemic days despite all the economic turmoil we are all facing.


I was taking a walk in the city last week to get my daily 10,000 steps. I walked past a Turkish bread shop and a homeless person who was lying near the shop. I decided to buy him a pide as he looked hungry. When I tried to give him the pide, he said he did not want it !!!.


Maybe he was a vegetarian? So there I was in the city holding a pide and trying to see if I can give it to some homeless person. It was not easy as some of them are sleeping on the street and you cannot just throw the pide next to them. Others are suspicious of a stranger giving them food.


So, I ended up walking back to my office holding a pide and looking strange. I ended up having the pide for my lunch the next day.


Which brings me to the good work done by Vinnies. They have dug deep into the grassroots of the homeless in WA. They know how to help the homeless and I am trying my best to support them.


I ask you to look into your hearts and your wallets and see if you can help me to help Vinnies help the homeless.


Please help me to help the homeless by sponsoring me at: