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Volunteering at the Shopfront

Volunteering at the Shopfront

Dear readers

I have been sleeping out as a homeless lawyer for 6 years. That has been gratifying, being able to know that I have helped the homeless through the CEO Sleepout event.

However that is a yearly event and I starting thinking that I can and should do more.

I visited a Chinese man in a nursing home as a community visitor. What started out as a fortnightly visit bringing him Chinese food ended up with me visiting him for over 10 years. I think I may have contributed to Michael’s heart condition with all the roast pork I bought him as I could not bear to see him eating the nursing home food.

Anyway, Michael passed way last December. I have felt a hole in my soul since as I believe I should do more social work.

So I volunteered at the Shopfront which is located at Maylands. It opens in the day and at night to provide food and comfort to the homeless and the unfortunate.

Today was my first day as a volunteer and I enjoyed myself. Helping to feed and serve the less fortunate. Looks like this will be my new fortnightly volunteer work.

I was just surprised how much we can feed the visitors to the centre. I was most amazed at bread that was brought in by a donor who owned a bakery. There were piles of bread.

Will update all regarding my volunteer work.