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Weekend and gin rummy

Weekend and gin rummy

Its the weekend again. My weekends are spent playing badminton and tennis. In the evening, it is usually playing gin rummy with a group of friends.

One counts one’s blessing by the friends one have.

I think I have been blessed many folds as I have great friends who provide me with great company and friendship.

If you read Napoleon Hill, his suggestion is that you spend weekends meeting new people to add to your circle of friends so as to increase your business prospects.

I have been spending my weekends with the same group of friends for over 5 years. We play badminton in the day and then gin rummy at night. All the children grew up together. The friendship is tight knit and that keeps the families strong.

I believe one of the reason many spouses split up is because they do not spend quality time together as a family with good friends.

It is not easy getting a group of friends together where the husbands and wifes all share the same mutual hobbies. If the spouses share the same hobbies, the safe bet is that the children enjoy the hobbies too.

I believe one of the reasons many couples split up is because they do not have mutual friends that the husbands and wifes enjoy time with.

So what happens to those marriages? Well the strain sometimes lead to breakups.

The issue is what happens when there is a break up.

Here are 5 things that any couple should think of if the marriage fails:

1. Speak to each other to confirm there is no future in the marriage. You only see a lawyer if there is no other option. If the marriage can be salvaged, it is best to see a counsellor.
2. If the parties agree that the relationship is hopeless, then they need to consider what assets they have and how they wish to split up the assets.
3. Whatever decision is made regarding the assets, the parties should see a lawyer to finalise matters. That is because there may be substantial tax and stamp duty consequences if the matters are properly settled.
4. Agree that despite the relationship ending, the most important concern is the welfare of the children of the marriage. Too much time and money is spent fighting in courts over children because of anger. Those fights do not help the children at all.
5. Prepare a will so that during the time the family matters are being sorted out, if anything happens to either spouse, the wishes of the deceased spouse has been declared.

It is a sad fact that many of Australian marriages fail. It is sadder that lots of these couples spend too much time fighting in court. The only winners are the lawyers. It is better to negotiate a settlement as soon as possible.

However , the first step to take if you feel your marriage is rocky, is to see a counsellor, If that fails, you should see a lawyer for advice.